Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Joshua Corwin

Lost Tao (thoughts on the nation and my soul C+ passed) 

I would like to begin this essay 
with some song lyrics from a band
originated in my propositions
In Search Of The Lost Chord,
serves as elucidations – dead birds’ motionless…
Rolled off their ship
throw away   the following Tao: 
anyone who understands me – dead mute…
shows there was a statement nonsensical:

            “No!” to our understanding or misunderstanding the
must transcend these propositions’ crystal meth springs,
                          palms laugh our lives away— also nonsense.
What’s the difference—steps to climb up the ladder
                          of truth and fall into nonsense
                          from one shore to another?
The goal will see him free once more,
                          Limitations shrouded in misery, tears, flames
We're callin' everyone to ride beyond them
                          Pharmacy meandering these halls
So roll off the ship and search, laugh our lives
            Phone it in at a karmic level.

no one heard them callin', / no dead habits of perfection elected
the substratum of existence, a monad.

true is what is grounded, rolled nonsense into the shore

dreamless dream living Socrates textbook ideals

using the language to understand wonder

introducing a liar statement

anonymously jotting DOW

Jones’ sail away from one shore to another, 

anonymous paradox conscious consensus reality

                                        busy watchin' those old raindrops fall

how should we understand or misunderstand in the future?

I return to the textbook; forget Wittgenstein’s On Certainty

                          behind the methodology that they used before

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